Our medical skincare range is a group of products designed to improve and promote scar reduction and recovery from numerous dermatological procedures. Used before and/or after many cosmetic procedures it can improve recovery times by up to 50%, as shown in clinical and medical trials. These medical products were researched initially in burns units as shown by the photos below, it massively improved the look, feel, elasticity and tightness of 3rd degree burn scars. The picture below shows its effect on an hypertrophic burn scar. 

Our range of medical skincare provides the skin with the stimulation to speed up the removal of damaged tissue and replacement by new.

They also provide the skin with the key raw materials to improve the elastic matrix structure of the skin, maintaining and improving skin quality and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

KYDOLCE Cosmeceuticals Redness Range skin care products, as part of KYDOLCE cell-step skin care regimen:  can get you can give you healthy, calm skin that’s as part of your skin cell life management programme, can give you healthy, glowing skin that’s good from the inside out.

Our private prescriptive medical range is also an effective product which delivers a calming action to rapidly & effectively control the signs of irritation; as well as a desensitising effect whereby the products increase the tolerance thresholds of easily irritated skin, to reduce the frequency and degree of itching and burning. 

It also has the ability to maintain the natural protective functions of the skin while also hydrating to reduce unpleasant tightness. Its triple-action formula comprises barrier lipids which help prevent water loss and boost Essential Fatty Acids in the skin; Xylitol, an effective water-binding agent which boosts the level of water in the upper layer of skin; and MSM which is an excellent anti-inflammatory with a desensitising and anti-irritating effect.