We can effectively slow down melanin manufacture to help with pigment problems ranging from pregnancy mask, age spots, liver spots and sun spots and general pigment discolouration including Melasma and Chloasma.

Our medical products for pigmentation is as effective as 2% hydroquinone cream but without any of the associated complications and current carcinogenic concerns regarding hydroquinone and its derivatives. Products containing arbutin and bearberry, which are still legally available in cosmetics, both release hydroquinone as the active agent and when applied act in the same way as hydroquinone with the same potential risks

Using our medical range of products as a pre-treatment to various clinical skin procedures can reduce the risk of post traumatic hyper-pigmentation particularly in darker skin types. Also one can use our products after procedures to safely manage excess pigment production.

* Hydroquinone is banned in cosmetic creams in the EU

**Arbutin is the glycoside of hydroquinone, which means that when it is in the skin, the glycoside chain is removed, releasing hydroquinone.

***Bearberry contains Arbutin.

Our medical skincare range have been shown to work in 8 out of 10 cases over a period of 6-8 weeks. Why not find out more about our products by contacting us today and booking a consultation.

The aging process is a combination of factors.

Three Types of Ageing

  1. Cell Loss and Shrinking Tissue. Cell division is a process by which the cells divide and create new, healthy cells to replace cells that are worn out.

  2. Too Many Cells (Cellular Senescence) Cellular senescence is when cells reach the point that they can no longer divide but refuse to die.

  3. Extracellular Protein Cross-Links.


  • Expressions and facial movements over time lead to the development of ‘dynamic’ wrinkles where structural fibres such as collagen and elastin become aligned in a particular direction. E.g. laughter lines, frown lines. 


  • Lines become deeper and more permanent as our skin’s ability to retain moisture reduces through age related reduced manufacture of various skin ingredients such as skin lipids and hyaluronic acid. 


  • Reduced production of Hyaluronic acid leads to a reduced capacity to hold water and also allows youthful short chain collagen fibres to come together and bind into longer more rigid collagen which leads to an older face shape. 


  • Elastin production also decreases and gravitational effects then lead to sagging and bags and more pronounced ‘functional’ wrinkles and lines. 


  • A build up of lymph and an increase in pigmentation coupled with ongoing gradual damage causes skin imperfections such as thread veins, plaques, age marks and dark under eye bags. 


The speed at which these changes happen vary with each individual and genetics have a lot to do with this, but free radical activity damages all these structures over time and constant bombardment ages us all, but some are more resistant to their effects than others. However reducing free radical stress is a major part of sustaining and promoting youthful looks.


Free radicals are damaging chemicals produced as a bi-product of most chemical reactions in the skin and they are also generated by exposure to many external, environmental and dietary things such as in alcohol, cigarettes and particularly UV radiation. 


So in essence we need to:

A) Control the loss of Hyaluronic acid and stimulate new. Ideally before levels have reduced so that wrinkles form and collagen fibres start to bind together.

B) Maintain the quality, type and level of collagen and elastin and promote renewal.

C) Enhance the lipid components in the skin to support barrier function and skin cell viability.

D) Reduce exposure to and the generation of free radicals by mopping them up before they do damage.

E) Improve oxygenation of tissues and also lymph drainage to remove toxins from the skin.

Anti-Aging Products for Wrinkles

Genetic Ageing is a process that eventually happens to everybody. The body’s natural process of ageing means that over time skin-firming collagen will begin to deplete and skin-smoothing elastin will weaken. As this process begins to take place, skin loses its support structure and fine lines and wrinkles form on the face and neck and in the sensitive skin around your eyes. 


Age Reform anti-ageing products are developed to fight wrinkles by working to firm and hydrate skin, improve cell turnover so that your firmest and most youthful looking skin is always exposed. Age Reform products as part of an Inclusive Health™ lifestyle can give you firmer, more youthful skin that’s Better Every Day®.