It all started when...

Ky Dolce owner and founder of the pilorum hair system has brought this innovative patented hair system to the UK, designed by Ky Dolce, he designed this system with his own experience of hair loss early in his adult years at the age of 24, and here he shall share his story with you...

When I started noticing my hair thinning out it really worried me, I tried for years to hide it with different hair styles and differant lengths but eventually it just looked rediculas so I decided to shave my hair off completley as I am sure there are many men that would agree to this decision and that they can relate to this experience, since I shaved my hair I have tried expensive hair care products to regrow my hair back, this did not work, I have tried medication for 2 years and nothing changed so I gave up on both of these and went in search for laser hair regrowth and an actual hair transplant.

I have had many consultations but not one company gave my any confidence and belief in there treatment and I was left feeling unsure that it would work for me and I certainly was not given enough confidence that they could even get me any results at all, it was all just on hope, trial and uncertainty, this is something I have never been able to go by when making a decision, I can not justify the cost of the procedures available today as they seem extautionate and overpriced and I had to ask myself why is it that the prices are always much higher for the men than it is for the women, it seems to me that men are been taken advantage of for our emotional vulnerability and sensitivity on the whole subject of our personal hair loss, I researched into the actual costs involved to perform surgery on your scalp for a hair transplant including the business establishment and surgeon's general costs were calculated and the profit margins they made were huge, 100% profit even after covering there fees and expenses, this to me just confirmed everything I thought and I was not willing to part with my own money that I had worked hard for and certainly not when I knew how much these company's were taking from honest vulnerable men and how much they earned from each hair transplant and not many of these company's were offering any kind of guarantee that the transplant would even be effective, reviews online told me different to what the establishment told me in there consultation, so the whole experience for me so far has left me feeling more insecure about my hair then when I first started looking from the very beginning.

Then I came across the hair system that was a real human hair weave that attaches to the scalp and is wearable like normal hair as if I had never lost any hair myself, i thought that they looked great and I started researching into them, they are available in many countries around the world, this is available from different company's that provide the system but do not make it themselves so the quality differs from supplier to supplier, I decided to book several consultations in the UK and I was very excited, looking forward to going and seeing the system myself.

From personal experience every company that I went to, my consultation once again left me feeling insecure and very unhappy by this point, although the system was what I had hoped for to give me the full hair back on the crown of my head, but each consultation I went to was not satisfactory for me, not one company seem to understand the system properly, my questions were not answered to the knowledge that I had gained and the research that I had made in preperation for the consultations.

I had many questions and the answers that I was given left me confused as they did not answer truthfully, I was told different information from each company that I knew was utter rubbish, that in fact they were only interested in there own pockets and trying to make as much money as they could by charging for additional services and adding things here and there, I am far too switched on to be fooled so I made my decision very quickly and decided not to give my money to any of these company's, one thing they just did not grasp was that I had gone through a personal traumatic experience in my life for over 8 years loosing my hair and it left me with very little confidence inside.

To have made this journey and open up about my hair and talk to them was very mentally draining and I felt so exhausted after the consultation, not one representative from the company truly understood me, understood the complexity of what I was going through and also had not experienced hair loss at all so why they were working there was beyond me, I expected more and at least be consulted by a person that had actually experienced hair loss or have a person present in the consultation that I could at least relate to.

So I have decided to create my own system that is exclusive to the world, so I here for the first time I would like to present to you The Pilorum Hair System for men created here in the UK, Manchester March 2017.


We offer a one to one consultation which is completely exclusive to you in a private room were we can discuss our system with you and tailor the hair to your individual hair type and colour match, the system takes 4-6 weeks to make, we make everything here in the UK, we have the human hair imported from all around the world from our specialist suppliers, every system is hand made for each one of our unique clientele.

A small upfront deposit of £50.00 is non-refundable although fully redeemable against your order.



Our system is made from super thin skin and high quality 100% human hair, the Pilorum Hair System is one of a kind, we specialise in Indian hair, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Mongolian, Malaysian, European, Peruvian.


Extra light 50%, Light 80%, Light/Medium 100%, Medium 130%, Medium/Heavy 150%, Heavy 180%.


All colours are available in your consultation to view and also, we can colour the hair according to the client's hair sample or colour swatch etc. Colour blended, highlight, ombre, two tones etc are available.


Straight, Kinky Straight, Jerry curl, Loose curl, Water wave, Deep wave, Body wave, Afro Kinky.


Depends on base size, hair length and density etc.


Clear, Flesh, Light brown, Medium brown, Dark brown, black or according to the requirement.


As this is real human hair and not synthetic hair the hair is soft and smooth.