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Ky Dolce launches his first ever medical technology designed by Ky and manufactured in Los Angeles were all the very latest most advance technologies are developed for the top plastic surgeons and doctors to treat the rich and famous
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March 11, 2016 6 pm

Last night our Manchester Salon Team took part in the Australasia Ladies Event – an exclusive evening of hair, fashion and beauty. The event took place in the bar of Australasia, one of the premier venues in the city, and along with our team there was fashion from Coggles, jewellery from Kiki Minchin, make-up from Stila Cosmetics, and beauty from Ky Dolce.

Check out all the behind the scenes shots and videos from the night below:


1st February 2016

KYBROWS With Uk’s Top Expert Ky Dolce

Shine’s fitness editor Bridget Daniels went along for her first ever KYBROW treatment at Ky Dolce’s clinic recently and here is her review and verdict on the process: see the full story review by clicking on the story below the photos;


KYBROWS With UK’s Top Expert Ky Dolce


Pluck me baby!
Brows have gone through many fashion phases – from the virtually spider thin eyebrows of the 1970s and early 1980s, the bushy late 80s brow (think Brooke Shields – here on the right), the understated brow of the 90s and the groomed (and usually overly threaded) brow of the noughties.

However, in the last few years natural, bushy brows have enjoyed a resurgence and women (and men) have been chucking their pluckers away! But a really great brow – think Lily Collins and model Cara Delevingne – requires clever grooming and cultivating to get that really striking look.

Eyebrow pencils are a must for any girl who wants to add definition to her brow and if you are serious, a really smart brow kit or palette. However, if you want the crème de la crème of brows the KYBROW experience is a must!! Shine mag researched what getting fab KYBROWS involves.

Shine! mag decided to opt to go to one of the top brow experts in the North West (UK) – leading UK skin specialist and facialist Ky Dolce. Based at his Ky Dolce Skin clinic in Manchester (handily located at Trevor Sorbie hairdressers – Piccadilly) Ky has been developing his beauty and skin expertise for almost 20 years. He is at the forefront of delivering the latest and best skin treatments in the UK and a dedicated brow expert.

Shine’s fitness editor Bridget Daniels went along for her first ever KYBROW treatment at Ky Dolce’s clinic recently and here is her review and verdict on the process:

1. Having never experienced the wonder that is KYBROWS before, I took myself to see Ky Dolce at Trevor Sorbie in Manchester to see what all the fuss was about. Admittedly apprehensive about walking out of the appointment with ‘scouse brows’ I was tentative about the treatment. Ky was so friendly and professional and at the start of my 45 minute treatment we had a chat about the process.

Ky had done a skin sensitivity test the day before to make sure I would be okay with the brow dye and there was no reaction, so we were good to go with the KYBROW experience. Ky is a bit of perfectionist and took a really good luck at my brows, which are quite thick but certainly not professionally groomed. He explained to me how the hairs were growing and how he would be making the best of the good growth I had.

Ky explained that he would work with the shape and natural arch of my brows, only enhancing them in the most natural and beautifying way. The treatment room is clinically spotless with an array of dermalogical equipment and creams I was very curious to try. Ky asked me about how I do my brows, from this he then gently set to work as I lay back on the comfortable treatment bed, very much in capable hands.

Ky waxed my brows (a more thorough method I was told than threading) creating a defined brow that framed my face perfectly. He used a dye to create a depth of colour that complimented my natural colouring, which was subtly noticeable. After careful finishing touches and the application of a calming lotion around the eye area to minimise redness, I was done! The brow treatment lasted no longer than 45 minutes and I was glad of the careful and measured amount of time it took – no one wants a rush job!

Going to a restaurant opening and party later that night I was surprised at how many people commented on my brows, complimenting me on their understated definition and fab arch – I had definite brow game. Now, a few weeks later I have noticed minimal regrowth and have been able to maintain the shape Ky created perfectly. I’m booked in for a touch up soon!

For more information or to book an appointment go to Email: or call for an appointment: tel (0)161 8392255

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12th November 2015

What exactly is a KYBROW experience?

It’s a unique treatment for creating perfectly well-groomed, adding definition to your eyebrows. The KYBROWS procedure transforms the way you look and more importantly, how you feel. Unlike other eyebrow treatments that use a ‘one shape fits all’ technique, KYDOLCE himself assesses face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for the client.

Using a combination of skills, from preparation and personal consultation to custom blending, designing, creating and tailoring the shape as well as customised aftercare, KYBROW stylist KYDOLCE can transform a face to such an extent that the effect has been likened to a mini facelift.

Shhhh!!!, the secret why Manchester has all the Beautiful People!  Freeze Time and Reverse Ageing with Venus Freeze,  first of its kind beauty treatments in The North West.

Introducing VENUS FREEZE™ for non-surgical body contouring, cellulite reduction and skin tightening for the face, neck and body.


We are incredibly excited and extremely proud to announce our latest age preventative treatment, the number one skin tightening, Radio Frequency procedure anywhere in the world, "and guess what! we are bringing this treatment to Manchester United Kingdom for the very first time this month, we are launching the Venus Freeze™ 12th November from 5pm-8pm .

Developed by the leading manufacturer BeautyLight Technical Services Ltd is the exclusive distributor of the market leading Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light range of products, including: Ellipse MultiFlex, Ellipse SuperLight SPT+, Ellipse I2PL+ and Ellipse MicroLight. the exclusive distributor of the market leading Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light range of products for light based medical laser technology.  

We have spent time searching the globe for the most successful machine on the planet and not to mention, the most powerful radio frequency systems currently available which combine Magnetic Pulse (MP)2 technology for enhanced collagen stimulation and offer treatment for skin tightening, cellulite and inch loss reduction. 

Venus Freeze is a new, non-invasive technology from Venus Concept that employs a patented new technology called (MP)², a unique combination of Multi-Polar RF and Pulsed Magnetic Fields.


Shhhh!!!, the secret why Manchester has all the Beautiful People!  Freeze Time and Reverse Ageing with Venus Freeze,  first of its kind beauty treatments in The North West.

Revolutionary cutting edge beauty technology unveiled in Manchester.  First of its kind in the North West.

Manchester is now home to the most prestigious and cutting edge, non-invasive technology in the beauty industry. KYDOLCE Skin Clinic at Trevor Sorbie Manchester now has the amazing Venus Freeze next generation, skin technology. Venus Freeze is a revolutionary unisex beauty treatment that is exclusive  in Manchester to KYDOLCE skin Clinic.

Ky Dolce owner and founder of the skin clinic said " Venus Freeze can freeze time, reverse ageing and give you a more radiant skin that feels smooth and appears flawless."

At the recent launch event, appointments for this face and body technology were overwhelmingly taken up by discerning clients;  ensuring that they will look fabulous for the upcoming holiday season.

To be one of the first people to experience this unique beauty treatment call the skin clinic direct on 0161 8392255 find out more information about Venus Freeze and other amazing beauty treatments at



March 2015 - New Member to our team 

We are excited to bring to you our new service!


Please send us a message if you would like to know more about this service, we shall call you to discuss your enquiry and you may book a FREE consultation with our Doctor. 

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28th January 2015

We would like to announce the arrival and launch our new medical brands TEBISKIN and Enerpeel, designed to improve overall skin condition and intended to be used by dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery and cosemetic/aesthetic plastic surgery.


1ST November 2014

We are proud to be the first official flagship stockist of Dr Murad cosmeceutical skincare and we are pleased to be able to offer the entire range of Dr Murad providing for every skin type, skin condition and concern. 


1st AUGUST 2014

We are excited to announce the relocation of KYDOLCE Skin Clinic to spring gardens, Manchester City centre, we have collaborated with the well respected hair salon TREVOR SORBIE