CEO and Founder of KYDOLCE Skin Clinic   



EXPERIENCE - 14 Years - 2003 - 2017

Ky's Story

Ky Dolce fell in love with skincare and the world of beauty at a very young age, from around the age of 13 after suffering from a severe case if acne right up until the age of 18/19, after leaving school Ky was very creative and went on to study graphic design at college in Leeds, after graduating and achieving his national diploma in graphic design and print he then further went on to university to study interior design at Bradford University, unknown to Ky that during all this time he was always passionate about skincare and spent every waking day obsessing about his skin, the way it looked, how he felt about it looking it's best, how he would be represented each day, attention to detail and looking his best was and still is very important to him as he always wanted to feel great everyday and know that people could see how healthy his skin was, that he took great care of it, after all he felt like it was the bane of his life, "when I spend time on my skin and care for it, it was a mission every morning I would not leave the house without spending a good 30 minutes on my skin, I know it has to look it's best and I would feel my best if I made the effort so that every day I am putting my best face forward and I could face the world regardless of my insecurity's of how i felt about my acne".

Ky went on to studying skincare after deciding to leave interior design at university, he went on and graduated in beauty therapy level 3 Beauty and Level 3 Holistic Therapy specialising in face and body treatments at Huddersfield Technical College in 2003. From the age of 21 Ky bought his first business with 2 staff members and built it up to 8 staff members over 3 years as he studied full time whilst running his full time beauty salon, Ky expanded his business and moved to London Canary Wharf were he continued to develop his business.

Manchester White Rose Central College of Beauty. He gained Membership of BABTAC in 2004 and has broad and extensive training in skincare as a speciality and as his main passionate subject, having undertaken specialist training at Skin Med Manchester and also internationally at the dermatology departments of Miami, Barcelona and Auckland University Hospitals. Ky Dolce has extensive experience in a large array of skin conditions and management of all skin problems including acne, inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, congested skin, hormonal problems, warts, skin tags, pigment problems such as melasma and vitiligo.

He will also advise on cosmetic issues such as skin ageing and is trained in a number of treatments to help reduce the signs of ageing e.g. Cryo treatment, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Laser & IPL Vascular, Thread Veins, , Fillers. His particular interests include skin, hair removal, acne, and eczema.